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Posted by Justin on April 7, 2012, 8:27 pm

newsOFFICIAL: Cancer Jiles to miss TLC match

Posted by Jeff on March 28, 2012, 10:11 pm

newsCancer Jiles ESEN spotlight in jeopardy UPDATE

Posted by CCJ on March 28, 2012, 9:28 pm

newsFly On the Wall: Heritage League Housekeeping

Posted by Jeff on March 22, 2012, 8:02 am

The Next Show…

DEFIANCE on ESEN Primetime
Sunday, April 8th, 2012
Hosted @ MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Roleplay Deadline: Friday, March 30th, 2012; 11:59pm CST
Segment Deadline: Friday, April 6th, 2012; 11:59pm CST
Matchwriting Deadline: Saturday, April 7th, 2012
Roleplay Limit: None.  Go batshit.
Word Limit: 1250

Main Event
Tables, Ladders & Chairs

vs vs
vs vs

Last week, both Heritage League and Evolution League had three scramble matches each, stipulating that the winners would advance to the TLC match on the interleague show.  And here they are.  Alceo Dentari, who set himself up as Evolution’s Big Bad, and took out Bronson Box in the process.  Cancer Jiles, who snuck his way into Heritage League at Jeff Andrews’ expense.  Christian Light, former World Champ, all around good guy, and unstoppable force in the ring.  Dan Ryan, who had the most impressive performance of his Defiance career to date getting into the match.  Eugene Dewey, who’s still a fat nerd but who’s won all his subsequent matches after tripping up in Week 1.  And Jack Bryant, who came in as an unknown, hasn’t declared his allegiances or even alignment, and who’s undefeated since his Defiance debut!

There are two ways to win this match.  One is to be the last person remaining.  Wrestlers can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or referee stoppage (no knockouts), with an elimination being worth 5 points. There is also a briefcase suspended above the ring with paperwork containing 15 points!  If the briefcase is retrieved, the match ends immediately.

Trios Tag Team Match


Heidi Christenson/Damien DeSett/Pete Whealdon

Claira St. Sure and Heidi Christenson have two things in common.  They’re chicks, and they neither of them got to be in the TLC match.  In Heidi’s case, it’s because she’s in a bit of a slump, in Claira’s case, because her win was overturned by Eric Dane due to threat of lawsuit from Elijah Goldman.  So they have to lead trios tags up against each other.  Claira teams with the Devil Rippers, who were just traded to Heritage League, and Heidi has the unenviable task of leading the Fuck/b/olts into battle.  Oh yeah, since CSS is the Heritage League Leader, the Headhunter bonus is in effect.  (That’s +5 if CSS is personally pinned/submitted/KOd and +3 to his/her teammates, or +3 and +1 if CSS isn’t directly defeated.  Headhunter bonus can’t be collected on a dq or countout win just fyi.)

Singles Match

Jonny Booya and Nakita DuBov both got out to a good start in Evolution League, but slipped.  Two consecutive losing weeks moved Jonny out of a tie for first place and more than one week’s victory behind regaining the spot.  After debuting successfully against Bronson Box, Nakita DuBov has been winless.  She was traded, along with the Devil Rippers, to Heritage League in exchange for Kevin Cage.  But maybe this is a good move for DuBov, as Heritage League commissioner Cito Conarri is well known as an advocate of women’s wrestling.

Singles Match

Elijah Goldman assigned YAZ to watch Bronson Box’s back.  But, based on what we saw at the top of Evolution TV 04, YAZ’s allegiance has shifted over to Alceo Dentari.  Who is, y’know, connected.  So now the still puke green but learning fast rookie LaLiberte is going to face two new tribulations at once - having the fans cheer for him, and psychotic masked mist-spitting Japanese dudes with hot valets.  

Special Handicap Match

It’s Handicap match time!  JGX, roughly 450 lbs of sumo wrestler, has been impressive so far in Defiance.  Yeah, he lost to Christian Light last week, but so what, that’s what most people do.  Mike Sloan and Kevin Cage, they don’t have much in common except bad attitudes, but they’re booked in this handicap match.  Oh, and to make this one a little more interesting, there’s some bonus points in play.  If either Sloan or Cage can manage to scoop slam JGX, they get a +3 bonus!  However, if JGX wins this match, being that it’s a handicap match, he gets +10 points instead of just +5!

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